What’s in a title? For broadband, it’s Oz vs. Kansas

By Larry Downes – In 1996, Congress passed the landmark Telecommunications Act. The last major reform of communications law, the 1996 act ended Judge Harold Greene’s 10-year effort to run America’s telecommunications industry from his judicial chambers after the forced breakup of AT&T.

Since then, consumers have lived in two very different worlds.

It seems pretty obvious which of these two worlds consumers prefer. In Federal Communications Commision parlance, information services are governed by Title I, while telecommunications services are regulated under Title II. If U.S. communications law were “The Wizard of Oz,” Title I would be the Technicolor dream that lies over the rainbow. Title II, on the other hand, covers the bleak, black-and-white landscape of rural Kansas. more> http://tinyurl.com/kt3r5t9

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