A 2010 Declaration of Broadband Inclusion for All

ITUITU (United Nations) – We strongly believe that getting the broadband policy and investment mix right requires coherent and concerted political will and leadership from the top as well as grassroots support. Critically, this will require a newly proactive and progressive approach to creating an enabling environment for broadband inclusion for all via the convergent and interdependent forces of policy, infrastructure, technology, innovation, content and applications, people and government.

Although broadband has the inherent capability to cut a swathe through the silos associated with the health, education, culture, energy, transport, environment and other sectors, it has all too often fallen between sectors as a casualty of short-term micro- and macroeconomic planning. Many would argue that these sectors are on the threshold of systemic and fundamental change requiring re-engineering from top to bottom. Fundamentally, like mobile and the early Internet, broadband could be the next disruptive technology tool that is about to catalyze that change. more> http://tinyurl.com/2c4kpp6


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