Money, Greed and God – How Capitalism Is the Solution, Not the Problem

BOOK REVIEW by David A Brat
Money, Greed and GodMoney, Greed, and God: Why Capitalism Is the Solution and Not the Problem, Jay W. Richards, HarperOne (May 5, 2009), ISBN: 978-0061375613

So what about the Capitalism debate? Most economists stay clear of this debate because academic journal production is the goal inside the profession. Commentary related to what might be considered ideological commitments is shunned. So debate on one of the most important social institutions we have is severely limited.

Jay Richards does not have an economics degree but this may be his comparative advantage. Richards summarizes the eight myths in his book as follows:

  • The nirvana myth
  • The piety myth
  • The zero-sum game myth
  • The materialist myth
  • The greed myth
  • The usury myth
  • The artsy myth
  • The freeze frame myth

He also links the eight myths to eight corresponding questions:

  • Can’t we build a just society?
  • What does God require of us as Christians?
  • Doesn’t capitalism foster unfair competition?
  • If I become rich, won’t someone else become poor?
  • Isn’t capitalism based on greed?
  • Has Christianity ever really embraced capitalism?
  • Doesn’t capitalism lead to an ugly consumerist culture?
  • Do we take more than our fair share?
  • Isn’t our modern lifestyle causing us to use up all the natural resources?



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