Snow Crystal

snow crystalNSF – A sectored plate snow crystal.

Caltech professor of physics Kenneth Libbrecht has created a website,, containing all you need to know about snowflakes including the physics of snowflakes (why they look the way they do), a guide to the different types of snowflake crystals, designer snowflakes (see how scientists grow snowflakes in the lab), projects you can do with ice and snow, and much more.

Image were taken at various locations including northern Ontario, Alaska, Vermont and Michigan sometime between 2002 and 2008. more>
stellar dendrite snow crystalA stellar dendrite snow crystal.

stellar dendrite snow crystalDendritic means “tree-like,” so stellar dendrites are plate-like snow crystals that have branches and side branches.

stellar dendrite snow crystalThe crystals are fairly large, typically 2-4 millimeters in diameter, and can easily be seen with the naked eye. You can view these crystals with just a simple magnifier.
variation of stellar plate snow crystal


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