Sustainable Energy Action Plans

Covenant of Mayors – The Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) is a key document that shows how the local government will reach its CO2 reduction target by 2020.

It is anticipated that most SEAPs will include actions in the following sectors:

  • Built environment, including new buildings and major refurbishment;
  • Municipal infrastructure (district heating, public lighting, smart grids, etc);
  • Land use and urban planning;
  • Decentralized renewable energy sources;
  • Public and private transport policies and urban mobility;
  • Citizen and, in general, civil society participation;
  • Intelligent energy behavior by citizens, consumers and businesses.

Reductions of greenhouse gas emissions due to industry delocalization are explicitly excluded.

Local governments will be expected to take action in several or all of their possible roles:

  • Consumer and service provider;
  • Planner, developer and regulator;
  • Advisor, motivator and a model; and
  • Producer and supplier.




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