FCC: ISPs can’t use First Amendment as shield from net neutrality

illustrationBy Matthew Lasar – In the FCC’s net neutrality Order, released in full on Friday (pdf), the agency rejected the notion that ISPs enjoy First Amendment protection from its open Internet rules. Here’s how the debate played out.

Does this mean that the FCC will limit ISP attempts to sell certain content providers better quality access to their subscribers? That’s not at all clear. As we’ve noted, although the Commission’s Order warns that pay-for-priority deals are “unlikely” to satisfy its “No Unreasonable Discrimination” rule—that provision only applies to wireline ISPs.  And who knows whether the agency is going to jump into complex disputes like the Level 3 Communications versus Comcast fight …

The agency declares, “This Order protects the speech interests of all Internet speakers.” more> http://tinyurl.com/2aesfsm



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