The Value of a Grand Gesture – FCC, net neutrality, and 2011 resolutions

FCCBy Teresa Martin – Just in case you’ve missed the barrage of opinion since the vote on the 21st (Dec. 2010), here’s a quick recap:

Net neutrality =  hot button.
Basic concept = all traffic equal.
FCC vote a = thumbs down on blocking or discrimination by broadband providers.
FCC vote b = exemptions for mobile broadband and managed services.
People pleased with outcome = 0

Net Neutrality ought to be a simple concept: all digital traffic is treated equally. Heck, it shouldn’t even need to be regulated!

I wish the FCC had stopped at page 2 [instead of the 192 pages (pdf)]. Stop making mush with various factions. Stop justifying what should be simple, clear, and fair. Take a stand and lead. more>



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