EU Small Business Act (2008) Review

Antonio TajaniEurActiv – European Commission today (23 February) published its long-awaited review of the Small Business Act, promising to do better to cut red tape, improve access to financing and try to harmonize tax systems among EU member countries.

The European Commission proposed the text of the Small Business Act (SBA) in June 2008 and it was adopted (pdf) by the European Council in December that year (EurActiv 02/12/08).

New initiatives in the final report included:

  • Adopting a social business initiative focusing on enterprises pursuing social objectives by the end of the year.
  • Proposing an instrument of European Contract Law for SMEs that want to enter new markets.
  • Setting up a uniform procedure to facilitate cross-border debt recovery.

“A lot has been done by the Commission, but a lot still needs to be done if we want to get out of the crisis today,” EU commissioner in charge of enterprise and industry Antonio Tajani said. more>


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