The need for open markets for ICT

Globe with mouseBy Neelie Kroes – The European Union and the United States have found a way to make a constructive difference to (Information and Communication Technologies) ICT-related trade – through a series of principles that we will each apply to our respective trade negotiations with third countries.

The world needs a powerful signal that ICT is at the heart of both economic and social progress. The EU is committed to playing a full role in this progress.

Summary of The Ten Principles

  1. Transparency of rules affecting trade in ICT and ICT services
  2. Open networks for consumers to access and distribute information, applications and services of their choice
  3. Cross-border flows of information
  4. No requirement to use local infrastructure for ICT services
  5. Governments should allow full foreign participation in their ICT services sector, through establishment or other means
  6. Efficient and maximised use of radio spectrum
  7. Independence of regulatory authorities overseeing ICT services
  8. Simple authorisation of competitive telecommunications services
  9. ICT service suppliers must have the right to interconnect with other service providers for access to publicly available telecommunications networks and services. Public telecom services suppliers should be able to negotiate and obtain interconnection with major suppliers at cost-oriented, non-discriminatory and transparent rates.
  10. International cooperation with a view to increasing the level of digital literacy in third countries and reducing the ‘digital divide’.



  • EU and US agree trade-related information and communication technology principles to be promoted world-wide
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