Taking network neutrality personally

By Brian Dipert – I hope by now that my consistent stance on network neutrality is clear. As I wrote in June 2008, circumventing network neutrality might involve the performance degradation or a complete blockage of services, protocols, or ports.

The network-neutrality debate will soon affect my broadband pipe, which AT&T’s DSL (digital subscriber line) provides. AT&T will begin on May 2 instituting bandwidth caps of 150 Gbytes/month for copper-delivered DSL customers and 250 Gbytes/month for fiber-supplied U-verse users. Beyond that threshold, AT&T will charge $10 for incremental 50-Gbyte upstream and downstream bandwidth usage per month. Note that AT&T chose to institute bandwidth caps rather than throttle down temporary customer-specific bandwidth during heavy network-usage periods, which some other wired and wireless ISPs employ. more> http://tinyurl.com/3ovz7up



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