Space Shuttle Update (2)

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T-38 Silhouette
NASA – A T-38 jet is silhouetted against the sun in flight. NASA astronauts train in the T-38s to prepare for flying the space shuttle. Credit: NASA/Terry Virts

The T-38 remains a fixture for astronaut training more than 30 years later because the sleek, white jets make pilots and mission specialists think quickly in changing situations, mental experiences the astronauts say are critical to practicing for the rigors of spaceflight.

T-38s diving
Powered by two afterburning General Electric J85 engines, a T-38 can fly supersonic, faster than the speed of sound, and soar above 40,000 feet, about 10,000 feet higher than airliners typically cruise. The plane can wrench its pilots through more than seven Gs, or seven times the force of gravity. That’s enough to make simply lifting hands a feat of strength and breathing a labored chore. It’ll make one’s neck feel like it is balancing a cinder block. It’s also more than enough to make the average person black out. more>


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