World Development Indicators 2011

World Bank – The World Development Indicators 2011 publication and database update are now available. The publication is the 15th edition of WDI and the database now contains updated data through 2009 or 2010 for many indicators. A number of additions and improvements have been made to the WDI database in this update.

  • New data on maternal mortality ratio are available as a complete time-series for the first time
  • National poverty estimates have been updated, now with 577 data points for 115 countries
  • New indicators measuring dependence on natural resource rents
  • Expanded country coverage of recent economic performance indicators
  • New indicator measuring national income adjusted for consumption of capital, depletion of natural resources, and foreign investors
  • Additional indicators on financial access and outreach
  • Additional indicators on taxes
  • Aggregations for new regional groups for combined high-income and developing economy regions and for the Arab world
  • In all, the WDI database now has over 1,200 indicators

Access the database and content of the new WDI …




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