Space Shuttle Update (13)

Boeing: Slide show · Book (pdf)

STS-134/Endeavour view of Space Station
NASA – The International Space Station is featured in this image photographed by an STS-134 crew member at an aft flight deck window of space shuttle Endeavour during rendezvous and docking operations.
STS-134/Endeavour Landing
Landing Date: Wednesday, June 1, 2011
Landing Time: Wednesday landing opportunities at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida are at 2:35 a.m. and 4:11 a.m. EDT. If the shuttle is unable to return Wednesday, additional opportunities are available on Thursday at Kennedy and at backup landing site Edwards Air Force Base in California.

Reflecting on Endeavour’s
momentous journey

By Ralph Vartabedian/Los Angeles Times/ – It began its life amid a political scheme to circumvent opponents by squirreling away spare parts in the hope they would someday amount to a real spacecraft.

Shuttle EndeavourWhen the Challenger was lost in an explosion in 1986, the spare-parts plan was vindicated and they suddenly became the starting point for keeping the shuttle program alive.

And now the ship will come back home a museum piece in the county where it was built, destined for a display at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. The last shuttle flight is scheduled to launch on July 8, after decisions by the Bush and Obama administrations to end the program. more>

Open the Hatch
NASA – NASA astronaut Greg Chamitoff, STS-134 mission specialist, prepares to open the hatch that will lead the space shuttle Endeavour crew into the International Space Station. The two spacecraft docked at 6:14 a.m. (EDT) and the Endeavour crew entered the orbital outpost at 7:38 a.m., May 18, 2011.

Dramatic Backdrop
NASA – International Space Station solar array wings intersect the thin line of Earth’s atmosphere. This image was photographed by an STS-134 crew member while space shuttle Endeavour remains docked with the station.

On the Flight Deck
On the Flight DeckNASA – STS-134 crew members are busy on the aft flight deck of space shuttle Endeavour during undocking and fly-around operations with the International Space Station on flight day 15. Pictured are NASA astronauts Mark Kelly (right), commander; and Greg H. Johnson (left), pilot; along with European Space Agency astronaut Roberto Vittori (second left), NASA astronauts Andrew Feustel (bottom) and Greg Chamitoff, all mission specialists. May 30, 2011

Dreams You Give (Plunkett)


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