The data center needs an operating system?

By Jon Brodkin – Personal computers have operating systems. Even phones have operating systems. So why doesn’t the data center have one?

Zaharia and colleagues described their thoughts in a paper titled, aptly, “The Datacenter Needs an Operating System,” which can be read on the Usenix website (pdf).

“Datacenters already host a diverse array of applications (storage systems, web applications, long-running services, and batch analytics), and as new cluster programming frameworks are developed, we expect the number of applications to grow,” the paper states. “For example, Google has augmented its MapReduce framework with Pregel (a specialized framework for graph applications), Dremel (a low-latency system for interactive data mining), and Percolator (an incremental indexing system). At the same time, the number of cluster users is growing: for example, Facebook‘s Hadoop data warehouse runs near-interactive SQL queries from hundreds of users. Consequently, it is crucial for datacenter operators to be able to multiplex resources efficiently both between users of an application and across applications.” more>



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