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Aflame in Space

AflameNASA – Fire acts differently in space than on Earth. Sandra Olson, an aerospace engineer at NASA’s Glenn Research Center, demonstrates just how differently in her art. This artwork is comprised of multiple overlays of three separate microgravity flame images. Each image is of flame spread over cellulose paper in a spacecraft ventilation flow in microgravity. The different colors represent different chemical reactions within the flame. The blue areas are caused by chemiluminescence (light produced by a chemical reaction.) The white, yellow and orange regions are due to glowing soot within the flame zone.

Microgravity combustion research at Glenn not only provides insights into spacecraft fire safety, but it has also been used to create award-winning art images. This image won first place in the 2011 Combustion Art Competition, held at the 7th U.S. National Combustion Meeting.


Obama to meet Senate leaders, keep debt talks alive

By Alister Bull – President Barack Obama must bridge a wide gap separating his Democrats from Republicans when he meets with Senate leaders on Monday over raising the debt ceiling, but neither side seems inclined to compromise.

The debt ceiling needs to be raised by around $2.4 trillion to ensure that the government has enough money to keep functioning through the November 2012 election. more> http://twurl.nl/eb8rn3


Scientists Measure Body Temperature of Dinosaurs for the First Time

NSF – researchers, led by Robert Eagle of the California Institute of Technology, have developed a new way of determining the body temperatures of dinosaurs for the first time, providing new insights into whether dinosaurs were cold- or warm-blooded.

“Eagle and colleagues have applied the newest and most innovative techniques to answering the question of whether dinosaurs were warm- or cold-blooded,” says Lisa Boush, program director in the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Division of Earth Sciences, which funded the research.

“The consensus was that no one would ever measure dinosaur body temperatures, that it’s impossible to do,” says John Eiler, a co-author and geochemist at Caltech. But using a technique pioneered in Eiler’s lab, the team did just that.

The researchers analyzed 11 teeth, unearthed up in Tanzania, Wyoming and Oklahoma, that belonged to the dinosaurs Brachiosaurus and Camarasaurus.

“We’re getting at body temperature through a line of reasoning that I think is relatively bullet-proof, provided you can find well-preserved samples,” Eiler says.

In this method, the researchers measured the concentrations of the rare isotopes carbon-13 and oxygen-18 in bioapatite, a mineral found in teeth and bone. The lower the temperature, the more carbon-13 and oxygen-18 bond in bioapatite. Measuring the clumping of these isotopes is a direct way to determine the temperature of the environment in which the mineral formed–in this case, inside the dinosaur. more> http://twurl.nl/0a1yg0


Spain, Italy step up fight over patent

By Jeremy Fleming – Ministers meeting for an Extraordinary Competitiveness Council are set to adopt two regulations which will approve the creation of a unitary patent system, without Italy and Spain.

The proposals recognize English, French and German as the patent’s official filing languages but Rome and Madrid fear this would give an unfair advantage to companies from the ‘big three’ jurisdictions.

The Spanish and Italians remain defiant, however, and this week (6/20/11) told EurActiv that further legal action would follow if the regulations were approved by the Parliament. Both countries will send delegates to the Extraordinary Competitiveness Council meeting in Luxembourg, where they will not participate in the vote. more> http://twurl.nl/vhfzyj

The FCC Should Put a Stop to the ATT Merger With T Mobile

By Joan Lappin – Sprint is yelling the truth when it has argued its brief against this merger. If this proposed merger between T Mobile and AT&T is allowed to fly, Sprint will have to struggle to keep up with Verizon and ATT and their very enhanced size advantage. If it is denied, and Sprint and T Mo merge instead, the end result would be three almost equal competitors, each with about a third of the telecom pie. That would be great for all of us. more> http://twurl.nl/n5143h



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