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A First for NASA

NASA – On Oct. 22, 1968, the Apollo 7 crew is welcomed aboard the USS Essex, the prime recovery ship for the mission. This was the first Apollo splashdown and, therefore, the first three person ‘landing’ for NASA.

Left to right, are astronauts Walter M. Schirra Jr., commander; Donn F. Eisele, command module pilot; and, Walter Cunningham, lunar module pilot. In left background is Dr. Donald E. Stullken, NASA Recovery Team Leader from the Manned Spacecraft Center‘s Landing and Recovery Division.


How to Fix the Education Crisis

BusinessWeek – “American schools began failing when they stopped trying to produce citizens and instead just focused on creating mindless consumers with no common sense in the realm of personal finance. We need politically active citizens, not zombies locked into reality TV and American Idol. Whatever happened to teaching rhetoric and grammar? Or how local political processes work? Or how to balance a budget?”

“Is this country the only one in the world that spends a large part of its educational funding on athletics? I realize that for a few,athletics are a wonderful thing; but, is this a cost effective method of education?”

“What Americans lack is the type of education they don’t teach in schools. We are devoid of a basic financial intelligence and a crucial understanding of the way our nation’s financial and political system work.” more> http://twurl.nl/3j2d2x

EU weighs insurance, SPV options to boost euro fund

Reuters – The European Union is now discussing two options for giving the euro zone rescue fund more firepower — an insurance model and a special investment vehicle (SPIV).

The euro zone wants to boost the EFSF‘s firepower without putting more money into it, while France had dropped its idea of turning the fund into a bank to tap European Central Bank funds. European leaders will decide on which approach to take at the second leg of a EU summit on Wednesday (10/26/11). more> http://twurl.nl/57zwyb

Automotive Electronics: Do We Really Need All This Stuff?

SLIDE SHOW: Happy 100th Birthday, Chevrolet
By Charles Murray – Everyone in the auto industry knows that the number of electronic control units (ECUs) in vehicles is nearing the point of unmanageability. Low-end vehicles now incorporate between 35 and 40 ECUs, while luxury cars may have 80 or more. The result is that today’s vehicles typically need between 45 and 70 pounds of on-board wiring to tie all the sub-systems together.

The irony is that consumers scratch their heads about this.

The question is, do we really need all this stuff? more> http://twurl.nl/ww3aso

Cybersecurity Proposals Begin to Meld

illustrationBy John K. Higgins – Prospects for enacting an ambitious and comprehensive national cybersecurity protection program during this year’s congressional session may be fading. That’s the bad news. The good news is that various approaches to a cybersecurity agenda may be melding into a program that is acceptable to politicians of both parties and to e-commerce businesses as well.

In a move to speed up the legislative process, House Speaker John Boehner. R-Ohio, charged a special task force to come up with a set of cybersecurity recommendations embracing the interests of nine different House committees that have jurisdiction in IT protection. more> http://twurl.nl/sjaprc


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