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Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (8)


Orion Drop Test 3
NASA – Engineers at NASA Langley conducted the third drop test of the Orion test article as part of Phase 1 water impact testing on Nov. 8. The capsule was hoisted about 20 feet above the ground with a pitch of 17 degrees. It reached a horizontal velocity of about 22 mph before splashing into the Hydro Impact Basin. Test conditions represented stable seas.

A crowd of more than 100, including NASA Center Directors, Orion Program Managers and engineers, NASA Langley employees, support contractors, NASA Tweetup participants and media watched Image Credit: NASA/Sean Smith


Amusingly honest AT&T ad is viral hit

By Chris Matyszczyk – The office is the sort of place where you are reasonably aware that you are supposed to behave a certain way, so you spend at least half of your time trying to hide your true behavior.

In a remarkable fit of understanding, AT&T has decided to stand by your side and tell it like it truly is. [VIDEO] more> http://tinyurl.com/ch3ark7

Failing on Greece, EU must ring-fence Italy

By Jeremy Gaunt and Alan Wheatley – Contagion from Greece has already taken hold despite all the bail-outs, bond discounting and rhetoric that euro zone leaders have poured on the problem in months of excruciatingly slow negotiations and crisis meetings.

Comments from various euro zone leaders in recent days suggesting that perhaps, after all, Greece could leave the euro zone.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has even laid out a vision of Europe in which euro zone countries accelerate and deepen their integration while a wider and expanding group outside the currency bloc stays more loosely connected.

If Italy were to fall by the wayside in the euro zone, France could thus face a loss of influence in EU policy-making vis-a-vis Germany. more> http://tinyurl.com/cowmj8b

Fourth Amendment’s Future if Gov’t Uses Virtual Force and Trojan Horse Warrants?

The 4th Amendment

Image by WeMeantDemocracy via Flickr

By Ms. Smith – You realize that “officers who remotely access the computer will not knock and announce their intention to ‘enter’ it to conduct” virtual force searches — not that knocking is necessarily required in real life search-your-house situations. You have the background info now, so next time we’ll assume this snooping software is designed so the malware goes undetected by antivirus. We will focus on how Brenner theorizes remote searches, with or without a warrant, could be justified as not completely trampling the Fourth Amendment. And in some cases, perhaps paving the way in the name of combating cybercrime and botnets, it is not considered to be “spyware.” more> http://tinyurl.com/cudkozb

For The Good Of Capitalism, Don’t End Occupy Wall Street

By Kyle Smith – Their college educations obviously didn’t include even rudimentary tutelage about how a marketplace — and by extension (since most things are connected to trade) society — works. But now they’re learning, for instance, that:

McDonald’s is an especially salient reminder of why dreamy idealists are able to function: Because someone, somewhere who gets up and goes to work making things people actually want to buy is subsidizing them. Just ask Karl Marx, who was sent money by his buddy Friedrich Engels to support him while he was writing “Das Kapital” — money that came directly from Engels’ father’s worker-exploiting apparatus, also known as a “factory.” more> http://tinyurl.com/7bcyv3v


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