FBI takes out $14M DNS malware operation

J. Edgar Hoover FBI building - headquarters

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By Michael Cooney/Layer 8 – Details of the two-year FBI investigation called Operation Ghost Click were announced today (11/9/11) in New York when a federal indictment was unsealed against six Estonian nationals and one Russian national. The six cyber criminals were taken into custody yesterday in Estonia by local authorities, and the U.S. will seek to extradite them. In conjunction with the arrests, U.S. authorities seized computers and rogue DNS servers at various locations.

Beginning in 2007, the cyber thieves used malware known as DNSChanger to infect computers worldwide, the FBI said. DNSChanger redirected unsuspecting users to rogue servers controlled by the cyber thieves, letting them manipulate users’ web activity. more> http://tinyurl.com/7xghtz9


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