7 truths about consumerization of IT

By Galen Gruman – Users are no longer ignorant about technology. Many are both passionate and knowledgeable. And consumer-grade tools are more and more capable for business usage — and sometimes even superior than traditional business tools. Whether it’s mobile, cloud, social, or apps, chances are your company’s employees are using “consumer” tools, with both good and bad implications for productivity, responsiveness, governance, and security.

  1. You can’t stop it (and shouldn’t want to)
  2. Consumerization is really a management issue
  3. Device management is a good first step
  4. The legal issues around information ownership are unsettled
  5. Social networking can’t be forced
  6. User experience can’t be shortchanged any more
  7. Your competitors are already figuring this out

more> http://tinyurl.com/7t7kpm6


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