Is Harry Reid Slipping SOPA Into A New Cyber-Security Bill?

By Drew Bowling – After Internet commoners and companies alike pushed back in a determined way last month against the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act, many were content to pat themselves on the back for defeating the bill. The bills, though, while delayed, were not convincingly defeated.

An article published last night on RT reports that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid may be trying to resurrect SOPA by couching it within a new cyber-security bill. Worse, the new bill would also reawaken the proposed Kill Switch bill from last year. Kill Switch, another Internet-regulating bill that was lobbied by Sen. Joel Lieberman, would instill the White House with the executive power to shut down the Internet in response to a cyber threat. Awesome, right? more>


One response to “Is Harry Reid Slipping SOPA Into A New Cyber-Security Bill?

  1. Hello Mr. Reid, Congress: We. Don’t. Want. This. Your job is to represent the American people, not your own interests. The American people do not – under any circumstances – want the federal government to place their hands on the internet. You have screwed up rail and air traffic. You have made a mockery of our economy and you crashed our housing market with regulations and are trying to do it again. Please…just stop. Leave business alone. Let it work as opposed to getting in the way. Hands. Off. The. Internet.


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