OK Cisco, we get it

Photo supplied by Cisco Systems Inc. of a 7600...

Image @Wikipedia

By Jim Duffy – Cisco is in danger of over-marketing. The company has been on an all-out assault against a Gartner study from 2010 that took issues with single-vendor networks in general and Cisco in particular. Since then, Cisco has issued no less than three unanswered counterpunches in an effort to refute, or get the media to refute, the Gartner study claiming that the TCO benefits of a single-vendor network are illusionary.

This week, Cisco is at it again, having issued a study by Deloitte Consulting – commissioned, of course, by Cisco – that again attempts to shoot holes into any benefits, real or perceived, that could be derived from a multivendor network. The study will serve as the bullet-scarred wall behind the public execution of multivendor networking tomorrow by Cisco via webcast.

OK. We get it. Cisco good, multivendor bad. more> http://is.gd/Jjz8Ui


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