AT&T sets new limits for ‘unlimited’ data plans

By Gregg Keizer – AT&T yesterday (Mar 1, 2012) clarified when and how it will slow down the connection speed of smartphone users who still have an unlimited data plan.

AT&T first began throttling unlimited users’ data speeds last year, but had dropped those plans for new customers in June 2010. People who had already signed up for unlimited data, however, have been allowed to retain those plans, even when they purchased a new device.

“I’m with AT&T on this one,” said Jack Gold, principal analyst with J. Gold Associates. “Cellular data is a limited commodity.”

The problem AT&T finds itself in is the fault of both the company and customers, Gold added. “Users have unrealistic expectations, but it’s also the carrier’s fault,” he said. “They offered unlimited data because they wanted people to use it.” And now, with the spectrum crowded — more so in some markets than others — AT&T finds itself, as Gold put it, “Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.” more>


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