Cybersecurity and False Hope

By John C. Dvorak – I finally realized this law is something like Sarbanes-Oxley in that it’s a fix for a problem that was never a problem. Sarbanes-Oxley essentially added paperwork overhead to already burdened American companies. It did nothing about the numerous and ridiculous Ponzi schemes that have been uncovered since the housing crisis. Nothing.

(Current) Cybersecurity is all about compliance.

Compliance inspections will be needed. Now, what companies are we talking about? Pretty much any large networked company can fall under the auspices of this law. IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, Comcast, come to mind, plus thousands more. Once these infrastructure companies are named, they have to write report after report on how they intend to fix their problems. How we determine the problems requires compliance reports based on certain standards that need to be developed by some government agency—over coffee I, suspect… more>


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