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Views from the Solar System (33)


Enceladus, Saturn’s Moon
NASA – Below a darkened Enceladus, a plume of water ice is backlit in this view of one of Saturn’s most dramatic moons.

Dramatic plumes, both large and small, spray water ice from many locations along the moon’s famed “tiger stripes” near the south pole of Enceladus. The tiger stripes are fissures that spray icy particles, water vapor and organic compounds.

The terrain seen here is on the leading hemisphere of Enceladus (313 miles, or 504 kilometers across). North is up. The image was taken in visible light with the Cassini spacecraft narrow-angle camera on Feb. 20, 2012. The view was acquired at a distance of approximately 83,000 miles (134,000 kilometers) from Enceladus and at a Sun-Enceladus-spacecraft, or phase, angle of 165 degrees. Image scale is 2,628 feet (801 meters) per pixel. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute


A daunting Obama ground game awaits Romney

By Matea Gold and Melanie Mason – As he moves unceasingly toward the Republican presidential nomination, Mitt Romney has cast himself as the only GOP candidate with an organization hefty enough to take on President Obama‘s campaign juggernaut.

Spared a primary opponent, the president’s reelection campaign by the end of February had pumped nearly $79 million into laying the groundwork for the general election.

Romney, mired for months in a contentious primary, has not yet devoted substantial resources to a national field program. Of the $68 million spent so far by his campaign, $25.4 million went to fundraising and media ads in primary states.

If and when Romney secures the nomination, the campaign’s existing field program would fold into Republican National Committee efforts already underway. more> http://is.gd/mOMWR5

Eurozone debt crisis: how Greece could exit the euro

By Alistair Osborne – It would take place late on a Friday night, after the markets closed, or possibly Saturday morning. It would also signal the start of what Saltiel* sees as the “containment” phase of the operation – before the lengthier “resolution” stage.

Much would then happen simultaneously. Greece would announce its decision, declare a two-day bank holiday – as Argentina did when it defaulted in 2002 – and convene an emergency session of Parliament. Assuming MPs rubber-stamped the exit (admittedly no foregone conclusion in Greece), new laws would be passed governing the details of an exit. more> http://is.gd/IJaS9e

* Miles Saltiel, the lead author of the Adam Smith Institute’s entry for the Wolfson prize.

Innovation Can Come From Anyone


Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire, Author: Braden Kelley.

By Braden Kelley – Innovation comes from good listening, observing, watching, waiting, connecting, and synthesizing.

It is because innovation can come from anywhere and can involve everyone in the organization in making innovation happen that I created The Nine Innovation Roles and my innovation value framework, to help people make sense of what is necessary to make innovation successful as they form their innovation project teams and process, and to give people a simple framework to hold close as they think about creating innovation success. more> http://is.gd/FMrZ9G

Facebook grabs 750 patents from IBM to shield itself from Yahoo

Patent 573907

Patent 573907 (Photo credit: Michael Neubert)

By Sean Ludwig – Facebook has purchased 750 patents from IBM to help it battle Yahoo’s recent troll-like patent lawsuit, according to Bloomberg.

Facebook battled 22 patent suits against it last year. Facebook buying 750 patents from patent-leader IBM could be a sign that it is either concerned about Yahoo or the Yahoo suit simply woke the company up that it would be a target for major suits as well.  more> http://is.gd/c1wLa7


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