Romney seals the deal with GOP base

Mitt Romney in Fresno

Mitt Romney in Fresno
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Christian Heinze – For months, Mitt Romney’s detractors have warned that he’s too moderate to win hardcore conservatives, too rich to connect with downscale voters, too cautious to rally Tea Party supporters, and too Mormon to convert evangelicals. Tuesday’s primaries, however, show these demographic groups suddenly moving into Romney’s camp.

Romney routed Santorum among some of the former Pennsylvania senator’s strongest demographic backers, winning those who “strongly support” the Tea Party by 19 percent, those without a college degree by 21 percent, evangelicals by 6 percent, and even rural voters by 23 percent.

Indeed, if there’s been one group of voters Santorum has been able to rely on, it’s been that band of fervent activists – Tea Party backers, conservatives, evangelicals, and downscale voters – but they all abandoned Santorum for Romney in Maryland. more>


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