Ten Things You Need To Know About Managing Knowledge

By Steve Denning – How does an organization decide what to spend on knowledge? What is the value of investments in R&D or knowledge management? What can an organization do to improve the effectiveness of these investments?

Ten principles for managing knowledge

  1. The amount of money that could be spent on accumulating knowledge is infinite
  2. Knowledge has no value per se
  3. Spending on knowledge has negative value if organization doesn’t use it
  4. Institutional knowledge may serve as blinders to effective action
  5. The most valuable knowledge increasingly lies outside the organization
  6. Knowledge can require deep expertise to access it
  7. The deep expertise needed to access knowledge can be lost
  8. The value of knowledge lies in improved outcomes for external customers or stakeholders
  9. What constitutes an improved outcome depends on the organization’s strategy
  10. Outcomes need to be measured against the organizational strategy

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