The village of power pioneers

SIEMENS – Cows for biogas, solar modules on the roofs, windmills on the wooded hillside: The community of Wildpoldsried in Germany‘s Allgäu region produces over three times more energy than it needs using renewable sources. With around 2,500 inhabitants, Wildpoldsried is one of the smallest independent communities in the Oberallgäu district of southern Germany. But it is probably also the community with the greatest vision – and the site of the most comprehensive test of Germany’s energy future.

A smart grid ensures that renewable energies can be better integrated into the grid by permitting a bidirectional flow of energy – from generators to consumers and vice versa – (orange line) and a bidirectional flow of communication (blue line). Whereas in conventional power supply networks generation follows consumption, a smart grid also controls consumption as a function of the availability of electrical energy in the grid. more>


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