The Motorized Unicycle

By Chris Fox – Imagine a hybrid unicycle with the balancing elements and mobility of a Segway. Frightened yet? RYNO Motors has created a motorized unicycle.

“I started with servo motors and conventional servo motors. I figured, if this is a gyro stabilized platform, I don’t need an encoder.” RYNO Motors CEO, Christopher Hoffman says, “I also realized that I didn’t even need all of the closed-loop motion control; it’s all open loop, so I was able to use a $35 scooter motor. I couldn’t kill it on that.” As he pieced together the initial build, Hoffman combined gyros from electric helicopters, a motor controller from a former BattleBots company, a motorcycle tire, and a processor for his first prototype.

“.. but when a unicycle club came over to try it, only one guy could really ride it kind of well.”



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