Learn and Apply The Critical Communication Lesson From NBC’s Olympic Timing Misfires

By George Bradt – The new reality of communication is rooted in the Internet and social media. Don’t even think you can control the flow of information and especially the timing of the flow of information the way you did before. All you can do is to leverage your core message and communication points to guide the inevitable iterative conversations.

The critical lesson is that you can’t control information flows any more. All you can do is guide and amplify. This is why merely reporting what happened is going to continue to become less and less valuable over time. People can find out what happened. While people can and will find out what happened, they still need help in understanding “why” and “what’s next”, or the conclusions and implications. So, stop trying to convey information. Instead, convey understanding and feelings. more> http://tinyurl.com/c82avvj


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