What I Learned at the Cloud Computing Revolution

English: Cloud Computing

English: Cloud Computing
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By Alan S Cohen – The current computing model was pretty simple: your business bought the hardware and software required to run key applications, the storage devices to maintain your data, and the networks to allowed it all to flow. Today, however, there is a range of new choices, which including renting some or all of the IT supply chain.

Computing is not just important because it is a big industry — $3.8 Trillion annually worldwide. Everything else in our economy is dependent on it. Computing is inside every steak, potato and glass of red wine you eat. It’s in your car, your iPad delivered Netflix, and it’s your money. So there is a lot at stake.

Let me share 3 observations:

  • Shadow IT is Going Mainstream
  • IT Wants to Go Fast
  • It’s About the Developers

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One response to “What I Learned at the Cloud Computing Revolution

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