The Sky Isn’t Falling

English: 3D IC

English: 3D IC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Ann Steffora Mutschler – 3D ICs add a new dimension to design with new degrees of freedom possible, even with the added design and manufacturing complexities.

Steve Smith, senior director for 3D-IC strategy at Synopsys agreed. “I don’t think fundamentally the ownership rules have changed. The guy with the money is the end user of the silicon, the package and so on. In a chip manufacturing environment, maybe a fabless chip company is responsible for the entire procurement process so they might buy wafers, they might buy diced parts, and they will pick a packaging company to package that together. They have to design the package, so they are responsible for that. They are responsible for providing test vectors to test it maybe in an outsourced OSAT.” more>


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