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Views from the Solar System (86)

Earth at Night
NASA – This new global view of Earth’s city lights is a composite assembled from data acquired by the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (NPP) satellite. The data was acquired over nine days in April 2012 and 13 days in October 2012. It took 312 orbits to get a clear shot of every parcel of Earth’s land surface and islands. This new data was then mapped over existing Blue Marble imagery of Earth to provide a realistic view of the planet.

The image was made possible by the satellite’s “day-night band” of the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite, which detects light in a range of wavelengths from green to near-infrared and uses filtering techniques to observe dim signals such as city lights, gas flares, auroras, wildfires and reflected moonlight.

The day-night band observed Hurricane Sandy, illuminated by moonlight, making landfall over New Jersey on the evening of Oct. 29. Night images showed the widespread power outages that left millions in darkness in the wake of the storm Image credit: NASA’s Earth Observatory/NOAA/DOD

Obama, Boehner talk; Geithner prepared to go off “cliff”

By Thomas Ferraro and Mark Felsenthal – Republicans in Congress and President Barack Obama consumed much of Wednesday talking up their positions on the “fiscal cliff” and though Obama and Republican House Speaker John Boehner spoke by phone, neither side offered any new compromises in public.

Asked in an interview with CNBC if the administration was ready to go over the so-called fiscal cliff if Republicans don’t come around on taxes, Obama’s chief negotiator, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, responded: “Oh, absolutely.” more> http://tinyurl.com/cep7krk

The Liberal Left’s Dirty Little Secret: The Middle Class and Poor Pay For the Entitlement State

By Paul Roderick Gregory – Europe’s more than half century experience shows that, no matter hard you squeeze them, the rich cannot pay for a big government that guarantees all its citizens “positive rights” to income, employment, health, and retirement. Such an entitlement state – some call it a nanny state — is funded primarily by repressive taxes on the middle class and the working poor.

Barack Obama has been busy creating and expanding an American entitlement state that he promises will be paid for by the rich. The middle class and poor need not worry about tax increases.  For the time being, Obama can rely on lenders (and the Fed) to finance the annual $850 billion deficits projected.  At some point, the “bond vigilantes” will refuse to finance the deficit at sustainable rates, and the government will be forced to cut entitlement spending or vastly raise taxes. more> http://tinyurl.com/aqymjwf

The Biggest Cybersecurity Threats of 2013

By Tomer Teller – What are nefarious hackers’ top resolutions and the greatest security threats to businesses in 2013? Read on for my predictions.

  • Threat #1: Social Engineering
  • Threat #2: APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats)
  • Threat #3: Internal Threats
  • Threat #4: BYOD ( bring-your-own-device)
  • Threat #5: Cloud Security
  • Threat #6: HTML5
  • Threat #7: Botnets
  • Threat #8: Precision Targeted Malware

As computer and operating system security continues to improve so will cybercriminals’ new techniques to bypass these defenses. more> http://tinyurl.com/aj3p7r2

The regulatory cliff awaits

By Representative Sam Graves – The Obama administration has pursued an active regulatory agenda. The overall regulatory burden is now $1.8 trillion annually, according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and this year alone new rules have added $215.4 billion in compliance costs. Small businesses are understandably concerned that the second Obama term will only add to this already heavy regulatory burden.

As Washington debates a fiscal cliff on spending and taxes, we should not forget the regulatory avalanche that awaits businesses in the New Year. Roughly 4,100 new regulations are in the pipeline, according to the government’s website. more> http://tinyurl.com/b3vtse9