How Dreamworks, LinkedIn and Google Build Intrapreneurial Cultures

The headquarters of PDI/Dreamworks at 1800 Sea...

The headquarters of PDI/Dreamworks at 1800 Seaport Boulevard, in Redwood City, California.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By John Webb – Intrapreneurship should be embedded in the overall culture of the business: adopted, accepted and celebrated as core practice and directed towards the organizational goals. Companies must therefore become versed in the methods and practices for activating and developing intrapreneurship if they are to meet the demands of today’s brave new world:

  • Look For It
  • Be Transparent
  • Be Inclusive
  • Give People Ownership
  • Make Risk-Taking and Failure Acceptable
  • Create a Learning Culture
  • Train Employees on Creating and Selling Innovation
  • Support People With Ideas
  • Offer Room to Play Around
  • Create a Safe Place for Innovation
  • Celebrate and Reward Intrapreneurial Behaviour
  • Encourage Cross-Discipline Projects and Collaboration
  • Encourage Networking and Knowledge Sharing
  • Focus on How to Better Serve Customers
  • Be Sensitive to External Changes
  • Shorten the ‘Yes Chain’
  • Create and Allocate a Funding Pot for Intrapreneurial Initiatives


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