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An opportunity squandered

Photograph showing the March 4, 1861, inaugura...

Photograph showing the March 4, 1861, inauguration of Abraham Lincoln in front of U.S. Capitol Building
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Judd Gregg – The president’s inaugural address, rather than speaking to our better angels, to paraphrase Lincoln, spoke to lesser purposes.

He is the president. He was elected. He has the right to define where he wishes to lead us, and should do so.

But this speech was not set in those terms. It was structured and built with what seemed to be a purpose of setting the nation against itself. more> http://tinyurl.com/b2qrpxg

Five Guideposts For The Future Of Leadership and Management

By Steve Denning – Looking back to those days in late 2011 when just four of us—Peter Stevens, Jurgen Appelo, Franz Röösli and I—were sitting around having drinks and talking about the crazy idea of catalyzing a global movement to transform management, we have come a long way.

Four people grew to be twenty-one in just a few weeks. Now the twenty-one have grown to be over 1,500 in just a year… more> http://tinyurl.com/awe3wrl


Industry redesign necessary for the growth of Broadband networks

By George Mattathil – There are two fundamental network technologies:

Each has its own unique advantages and limitations. Neither of them can replace the other without performance and/or service impairments.

Better (in terms of performance and cost) systems can be developed by using either or both, depending on requirements — rather than preselecting packet technology.

Packet-centric approach creates inertia with premature obsolescence of circuit infrastructure and products.

Transfer Networktm is redesign of the access network — taking into account functionality, performance, cost, compatibility with existing infrastructure, minimizing interoperability and upgrade problems. more> StrategyGroup.net/redesign/

AT&T to buy Verizon spectrum for $1.9 billion

1980s Dodge Ram Van Verizon

1980s Dodge Ram Van Verizon
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Grant Gross – AT&T will buy mobile spectrum in the 700MHz band from Verizon Communications for US$1.9 billion.

In April, Verizon pledged to sell off two 12MHz blocks of mobile spectrum in the 700MHz band, including the B block, if U.S. regulators approved its purchase of spectrum from a group of cable providers. more> http://tinyurl.com/bchy4bj


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