Crashing the Broadband Party

By Bret Swanson – No, cable TV is not exactly the same thing as broadband Internet. And Wi-Fi in restaurants and libraries is not as comfy as Wi-Fi in your family room. Yet there is a big problem in the way the broadband story is being reported and anaylyzed. Somehow, conventional wisdom came to be that (1) American broadband lags the world and (2) the government needs to prop it up. Both are false.

Much of what we would want a gigabit broadband network to deliver is high definition video. That is what cable TV does. That’s why Verizon and AT&T, when they built their FiOS and U-verse fiber optic networks, decided to offer both broadband Internet services and cable-like video programming.

To suggest, however, that everyone in America needs a fiber optic gigabit Internet connection today is beyond simplistic. more>



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