JPMorgan And The Death Of Corporate Reputation


The Death of Corporate Reputation: How Integrity Has Been Destroyed on Wall Street, Author: Jonathan Macey.

By Steve Denning – All the big financial firms like Goldman Sachs [GS], UBS [UBS], Citibank [C], Bank of America [BAC], and JPMorgan Chase, have settled cases involving not just shady practices like price gouging, gaming the system, toll collecting, zero-sum trading and excessive compensation but also illegal practices such price fixing of LIBOR, abuses in foreclosure, money laundering of drug dealers and terrorists, assisting tax evasion and misleading clients with worthless securities. The cases were settled for what is chump change to the banks, without admitting or denying wrongdoing.

Fixing the financial sector will always appear to be an impossible task if we frame it as one of regulators trying to control and contain the nefarious activities of the banks and the hedge funds. If the issues are seen in a broader context, and the activities of the banks are viewed as one aspect of the way in which the shareholder value notion has been devastating many sectors, then we could get to the root cause of the financial sector’s problem and figure out what would be involved in fixing it. more>



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