Updates from SIEMENS

Siemens’ innovative electric bus system unique in Europe

Siemens – In cooperation with the bus manufacturer Rampini, Siemens made Europe’s first fully electric buses in daily route operation a reality in the Austrian capital city of Vienna. The innovative concept and drive technology of the electric buses come from Siemens and ensure that vehicles emit no pollutants, since there is no local combustion process. The heart of the drive system is a Siemens electric motor. It functions as a generator and feeds braking energy, which would otherwise be lost as heat, directly back into the energy storage system.

The range of these purely electric buses is approximately 120 to 150 kilometers on a single charge and is dimensioned so that the vehicles are highly flexible and always have sufficient reserve power. The electrical bus obtains its energy at the terminal stops through a rooftop pantograph, using the power grid of the tram network. In bus route operation, rapid charging is completed within 10 to 15 minutes. At night there is slow charging of the energy storage system in the depot. more> http://tinyurl.com/ows7ypb


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