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We Are Googling the New York Times to Death

By Megan McArdle – The problem for newspapers and magazines and websites is not that other people are in the news business. The problem is that in the days of print, a newspaper or a magazine controlled a valuable distribution channel — its printing presses and delivery vans.

People would pay a lot of money to use that distribution channel to spread news about their products and services.

They owned “the pipes,” as we used to call them. But now the cable company owns the pipes. All the media companies have is the news. And that was never a very good business to be in.

In some sense, Facebook and Google are “pipes” — at least as long as they’re dominant, they can sell a lot of ads, because they are the mechanism by which we access information. And data services such as those provided by Bloomberg LP and Thomson Reuters Corp. are pipes, because they control proprietary software. more> http://tinyurl.com/ocrd6x6

Freedom of Information

By Ken Auletta – With eighty-four million monthly visitors, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, the Guardian Web site is now the third most popular English-language newspaper Web site in the world, behind London’s Daily Mail, with its celebrity gossip and abundant cleavage, and the New York Times.

In 1994, a year before he became editor, Alan Rusbridger visited Silicon Valley. “I came back and wrote a memo to Peter (Preston) saying the Internet was the future,” Rusbridger recalls. “I told Peter this would change everything and we had to explore it.” more> http://tinyurl.com/q8c5dm2


TI Converter Simplifies Position & Motion Sensing

By Charles Murray – The technology could serve as a replacement for Hall effect sensors, as well as ultrasonic, pressure, capacitive, and optical sensors. The LDC1000 can replace sensors in applications involving gear tooth counting, button tracking, opening and closing of doors, and numerous other motions.

“You can do precision distance and motion sensing without any constraints on where you place the electronics,” Jon Baldwin, product line manager for TI, told us. “The sensor is just a coil of wire, and it can be located up to a meter away from the part.” more> http://tinyurl.com/olr4hn4

Sorry, We’re Closed: What the Government Shutdown Means to You

By Bruce Watson – Basically, anyone who defends the country, processes payments that people need to live, or is paid through independent funding is going to work tomorrow. This includes (among others):

  • Members of the military
  • Air traffic controllers
  • People who work on the power grid
  • Federal guards
  • People working for social security, welfare, and other benefit programs
  • Mail carriers
  • Emergency medical care workers
  • Food inspectors
  • Border patrol officers
  • Prison guards
  • Members of Congress
  • The President

more> http://tinyurl.com/q2ocwvp



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