Updates from SIEMENS

Lean manufacturing process planning for lean production
SIEMENS – Zollner Elektronik is one of the world’s top 15 electronic manufacturing service (EMS) providers. Growing customer requirements and Zollner’s own desire for a stronger focus on full system manufacturing called for implementing an integrated solution–one capable of handling increasingly more information. Zollner sought capabilities that enabled flexible planning, analysis and management of manufacturing processes for complete lines and a solution that would support and intensify its lean management approach.

With a Tecnomatix® digital manufacturing solution, Zollner Elektronik has been able to define, plan, optimize and realize a new production line without any flaws while utilizing their pull principle and lean management requirement for highly complex electronic devices. more> http://tinyurl.com/kqoxpvq

Frisa cut cycle times and reduced costs with NX CAE
Frisa is a world-leading manufacturer of seamless rolled rings and open die forgings. Frisa supplies a number of industries including aerospace, construction, industrial machinery, oil and gas, power generation and wind power. The key to Frisa’s success has been its ability to develop unique and innovative ways to evolve the forging process to improve speed and quality. However, developing the innovation to maintain a competitive edge is a real challenge. So Frisa’s engineering team turns to NX™ software to design, analyze and manufacture products that it couldn’t develop using its previous approach–giving Frisa a competitive advantage. more> http://tinyurl.com/mwfp9f2

Tomcar Australia relies on Solid Edge CAD tool to design rugged all-terrain vehicles
Tomcar Australia is using Solid Edge® software from product lifecycle management (PLM) specialist Siemens PLM Software to produce tough all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) that compete against the products of larger players in the market.

Established in 2005, Tomcar Australia recently began manufacturing the Tomcar vehicles at its facility in Melbourne, Australia, supplying ATVs through online sales and agency networks, not only across Australia, but also throughout Oceania including New Zealand, Indonesia, Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. Since its establishment, it has been clear that using advanced technology is the way for the company to break through and most effectively compete in an already highly established automotive market. more> http://tinyurl.com/mue4558

Exciting times ahead for Nissan
In Nissan’s view, the global automotive industry is now engaged in “one of the greatest engineering competitions in history.” Carlos Ghosn, Nissan’s CEO and president, writes on the company’s website, “In pursuit of environmentally sustainable mobility, we are now engaged in a great race…[that] will change almost every facet of the car in the years ahead and…distinguish the winners from the rest.”

To ensure that Nissan is one of the winners, the company is now building on the success of a program Ghosn initiated in 2001. Called V-3P (Value Up for Product, Process and Program Innovation), this comprehensive plan positions the company well for the challenges facing the auto industry. In addition to the mandate for more environmentally friendly vehicles, the challenges include on-going time-to-market pressures, global markets and global supply chains.

The foundation of the V-3P program is product lifecycle management technology from Siemens PLM Software, specifically I-deas™ and NX™ digital product development software and Teamcenter® digital lifecycle management software. “Siemens PLM Software is the main solution for our V-3P innovation process,” says Keigo Fukushi, general manager and V-3P program director at Nissan. more> http://tinyurl.com/l794c4v



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