If You Manage Your Time Terribly, You’ll Get More Done

By Brooke Allen – I’m terrible at doing what people tell me I should do, but I still get things done. I’m not sure why this is, but here is my best guess:

  • I manage my desires more than my time
  • Don’t do hard boring useless things
  • You don’t need to finish what you start
  • Clear thinking saves time
  • Having time for people saves you time
  • Don’t lie
  • Manage people. But don’t manage other people’s time
  • To-do lists are best if you cannot remember where you put them
  • Structured procrastination

What are we talking about anyway?

We are talking about your time on earth, so before you decide on how to manage your time, you need to know what you want your life to be about. more> http://tinyurl.com/osq8ol9


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