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Mobile application development: From idea to creation

By Tom Ortega – Functionality is key. We need to know what an app is going to do before we can begin to design or program it. Immediately upon settling on an idea, we get straight to work figuring out the core functionality of an app. Our goal is not to define 100% of the functionality, but rather to know what things we want to do with an app.

Mobile apps are typically broken down into common screens such as a login screen, a settings screen, or a form to collect a batch of information. Often, we start by defining these screens to make sure everyone has the same understanding of what the idea means. Sometimes designers and programmers will have a different approach to a project, so agreeing to a plan can save a lot of time by preventing someone from going down the wrong path.

None of us likes to throw away work, but we are generally more open to changing our approach to a solution before any real work is done. more> http://tinyurl.com/qdjx55o


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