Can A Big Old Hierarchical Bureaucracy Become A 21st Century Network?


Wiki Management, Author: Rod Collins.

Accelerate: Building Strategic Agility for a Faster-Moving World, Author: John P. Kotter.

By Steve Denning – One of the most difficult management challenges is taking a big old hierarchical bureaucracy, and turning it into a nimble 21st Century networked organization that can cope with the challenge of today’s dynamic marketplace and compete with younger organizations that have been networked from the outset.

In a network, power is something that is adaptable, flexible and is derived more from being connected rather than being charge. It’s based on competence rather than authority. In a network, you don’t have permanent leadership positions necessarily, or at least fewer of them. In a network, leadership is a function of circumstance, and what you need to do in the moment. That’s why networks are more adaptive. Leadership in a hierarchy is a function of your role, rather than a function of your capabilities and competencies. more>


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