Heartbleed’s Password Heartbreak


The Story of an Accidental Revolution, Author: Linus Torvalds.

By Leonid Bershidsky – Linux [2, 3] creator Linus Torvalds wrote, “in a society where survival is more or less assured, money is not the greatest of motivators. It’s been well-established that folks do their best work when they are driven by a passion.”

Two conclusions follow.

First, where there are people passionate enough about a product to work for free, others will claim their work and use it for profit because they are equally passionate about money.

Second, open-source software will never be painstakingly debugged: No one is passionate about that kind of drudgery.

This does not mean commercially-produced software is free from bugs, but at least paid developers bear responsibility for the products. more> http://tinyurl.com/kxt58eg



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