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You Won’t Believe What This Machine Can See

GE – Two days before Christmas 1895, shortly after Wilhelm Röentgen discovered X-rays by experimenting with a cathode tube in his laboratory, he invited his wife to experience the phenomenon.

Anna Bertha Ludwig put her left hand inside his apparatus and became the first human to be X-rayed.

But when she saw her wedding ring slipped over the bones of her fourth finger, her reaction was far from jubilant. “I have seen my death,” she exclaimed.

Röentgen became immediately famous but it was not until 1913 that X-ray imaging took off.

That year physicist William D. Coolidge, a longtime director of the GE Research Laboratory in Schenectady, NY, invented the X-ray Tube.

Coolidge kept perfecting his tube and received 83 patents for the technology.

The tube effectively started radiology as a medical discipline and launched a series of innovations raging from the X-ray machine to computed tomography. more> http://tinyurl.com/las3err

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