Updates from GE

How the Most Critical and Complex Big Data Around Brings Productivity and Profits

GE – It takes as much as $16 million to retrieve a BOP (Blowout preventers) to service it, and keeping them in shape all those years can get expensive. As a rule of thumb to stay safe, maintenance crews often replace as many as 20 percent of BOP parts every time they come to the surface. The stakes are high. Each day a rig is not drilling can cost the offshore operator $3 million in lost productivity. But it also means that they effectively rebuild an entire BOP every five years.

The system, not thumbs, helps customers determine what needs to be fixed and when. “Telling a customer what to fix after it has failed is relatively easy,” says Bob Judge, director of product management at GE Oil & Gas.

“Telling them to fix something before it costs them money is the magic.” more> http://tinyurl.com/lxhsqdp


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