Updates from GE

LED Lights Flash Invisible Product Information at Shoppers’ Smartphones

GE – GE and the Boston tech company ByteLight just unveiled an LED lighting system that can communicate with customers’ smartphones and tablets while they are shopping.

The LED fixtures, which are made by GE, emit flickers that are imperceptible to the eye but visible to the phones’ cameras. This technology is called Visible Light Communication (VLC) and enables the phone to understand what the light is saying. The lights can also talk to smart devices over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), creating a robust and multiprotocol communication platform.

ByteLight’s technology combines information from VLC, Bluetooth and motion sensors inside the phone, and determines exactly where the user is within a few feet.

The system communicates with shoppers via the retailer’s app. Once you turn on the app, the system can greet you in the parking lot, tell you about special sales, offer coupons and provide other useful information. more> http://tinyurl.com/oeptoff


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