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Model driven simulation and validation in the automotive industry

SIEMENS – SystemsVTrends in the automotive industry are driving demand for more fuel efficient vehicles and reduced emissions while consumer demands are driving increased product complexity. A model-based approach that leverages both 1D and 3D simulations can significantly improve the ability of design and engineering teams to validate system performance early in the development process.

Using a model-based systems engineering approach allows companies to more quickly assess the choices they make in the concept phase.  These models are typically in the form of 1D models and are modeled using LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim™ before any detailed geometry has been created.  These 1D system models capture performance capabilities of each subsystem and then can simulate the entire system together.  The benefit of a model-based simulation approach in early concept stages of systems engineering is that it enables:

  • Earlier selection of the best architecture
  • An ability to derive targets for sub-systems
  • Re-usability to avoid redundant work
  • Ability to quickly assess downstream implications of a change

The detailed design phase is where 3D simulation takes place on detailed geometry.  This is where more common computer aided engineering (CAE) techniques like FEA, CFD, thermal analysis, multi-body dynamics (motion), and other types of analyses can be performed using a modern simulation environment like NX® CAE.

The challenge simulation faces today is how to cascade targets from systems down to subsystems and components, and how to leverage 1D simulations to deliver the necessary boundary conditions for more detailed simulation and analyses with 3D models. more> http://tinyurl.com/pjkd3hh



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