Have romantic comedies become obsolete?

By Wesley Morris – Once upon a time, women in successful romantic comedies were warriors battling men. They fought for love, parity, and respect — to be taken seriously while wearing unserious hats. The man had a position that the woman finds appalling.

Or was it the other way around? But to be appalled was to be attracted.

All Katharine Hepburn did with Spencer Tracy was fight. And you never doubted that they equally wanted to win the exasperation contest. They were both only half-surprised to end up with each other. The mutual skepticism resolved because each realized the ultimate perfection of the match.

We call them rom-coms now, which seems apt. The romance is gone. The romance of banter, of competition, of surrender, of personal style: It’s over. more> http://tinyurl.com/pzz93ej


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