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Innovation Can Come From Anyone


Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire, Author: Braden Kelley.

By Braden Kelley – Innovation comes from good listening, observing, watching, waiting, connecting, and synthesizing.

It is because innovation can come from anywhere and can involve everyone in the organization in making innovation happen that I created The Nine Innovation Roles and my innovation value framework, to help people make sense of what is necessary to make innovation successful as they form their innovation project teams and process, and to give people a simple framework to hold close as they think about creating innovation success. more> http://is.gd/FMrZ9G


Wanted – Social Business Architects

By Braden Kelley – The world is changing and needs Social Business Architects. Gone is the epoch of the passive consumer, now customers want a say. At the same time, the quest for survival and growth is causing companies to stop looking at suppliers as someone to squeeze on price and instead as partners in innovation.

Social Business Architects use social media, digital communications, value analysis, and other collaborative tools to help organizations attract and engage customers, partners and employees to help the organization achieve its commercial goals. more> http://tinyurl.com/8xo87jg