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Is Adobe’s Bold Move Setting It Up To Be Disrupted?

By Steve Denning – Instead of forking out up to $2,600 for Creative Suite, its flagship design package, on a disc, customers can now use its Creative Cloud service, which offers the same applications (plus a few additional ones) online, with a 12-month subscription costing $50 a month, or a month-by-month fee of $75.

While it’s heartening to see Wall Street for once not totally obsessed by the short-term, one can also ask: is this a bold, creative customer-friendly management decision, as The Economist suggests?

Or could it be a desperation move MOVE -1.15% in the form of a financial gadget that is aimed at covering up a lack of innovation? more> http://tinyurl.com/ooknzwf

Why IBM Will Be Saved by Analytics — and Steven Mills

By Rob Enderle – IBM’s problem in the 1980s, shared to some degree by most large companies, was that too many executives and employees were gaming the system and not doing quality work.

Meanwhile, executives learned that most of their peers and superiors didn’t really understand the technology they managed, so they would string together buzzwords and acronyms. The folks working under them were afraid to point out that what they said didn’t make sense, while the folks over them didn’t know they didn’t make sense. One particularly memorable executive was famous for giving directions that were literally unintelligible; people left meetings scratching their heads because it seemed like he knew what he was saying, but none of it actually made sense. more> http://tinyurl.com/mdsmxfw

Orthogonal Awakenings & Innovation Ice Breakers

By Brian Fuller – Cloud computing is changing society in ways we’re just starting to appreciate. But no one woke up a few years ago and said, “We’re going to change the world by building cloud computing.”

What they said was, “We have an idea to leverage the Internet to revolutionize retailing” (Amazon). “We have an idea to leverage the Internet to disrupt advertising” (Google). “We have an idea to leverage the Internet to disrupt the music record industry” (Apple).

The challenge for us now is to consider the dominant paradigm — cloud computing — and look for an orthogonal awakening from it. more> http://tinyurl.com/lnxpjks

Why companies using the cloud are so happy

By David Linthicum – As reported by my friend and Forbes writer Joe McKendrick, “A new survey finds that roughly one out of four organizations are heavily into cloud computing, and they are providing lessons from which everyone else can benefit.” The lessons come from having two or three years of real experience, enough time to see the real benefits and issues.

Keep in mind the study is sponsored by RightScale, a cloud vendor, and it was done in a way to discover the positive, not the negative. It’s as if Dunkin’ Donuts sponsored a study on breakfast foods. You wouldn’t expect to find results related to obesity or diabetes. more> http://tinyurl.com/c9apykz

Nebula Launches First Branded ‘Cloud Computer’

By Chris Preimesberger – The company that created this data center rack-type device is Mountain View, Calif.-based startup Nebula, which has been working on it for nearly two years and launched it April 2. Nebula, which launched itself at the OSCON conference in 2011, was spun out of NASA’s open-source Nebula cloud operating system project.

Enterprise cloud hoster Rackspace produced its own open-source cloud operating system, OpenStack, around the same time, and now the two projects are intertwined. Nebula uses the OpenStack system inside its device. more> http://tinyurl.com/d9dmsp9


How to regulate cloud computing?

guardian.co.uk – If you do want to put personal data in the cloud, ask yourself, and your vendor, the following:

  • assess the nature of your data and its sensitivity, consider public perception – how would the storage of medical data in the cloud be perceived?
  • would the cloud vendor’s security meet European law requirements?
  • where would the data be stored?
  • do you have rights to audit the services?
  • will the cloud vendor provide back-ups, disaster recovery and business continuity procedures?
  • how will you secure the return of your data at the end of the contract?

more> http://tinyurl.com/chxd5cs


How Cloud Computing Has Changed The Face of HR and Recruitment

By Traci Kingery – I once heard an analogy that gave a basic explanation of the cloud and why it is necessary for business. If the electricity used to power your home is representative of the internet, then the cloud is the original power source for that electricity. You may not know exactly where it’s coming from, but you have a basic understanding of how it gets there and the necessity of it. Not utilizing the cloud is analogous with using a generator to power your home. It may get the job done, but it’s highly inefficient and there are grave limitations you have to worry about with each generator. more> http://tinyurl.com/cerm49v